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Where the Updates Roam

Where the Updates Roam

by agent x51 on

I wanted to follow up from yesterday… The reality is that I have found no good forum or outlet for self-expression on the Internet since the early Internet days. Back then, we had BBS and UseNet for communication—eventually AOL chat roams if you could afford AOL (or had a free trial). This morphed into some solid online forums like The Well and Barbelith. The non-HTTP protocols all began to disappear, but blogging and RSS was keeping things interesting. But then came the Friendster => MySpace => Facebook evolution and social networks became social media catering to advertisers and selling our personal data.

There is almost nothing of value on social media today. I say almost because social media is now the only place you can keep up with local events (unfortunately), and occasionally I catch some of the great work you all are doing on your Instagram—yes, I still have this. Family, etc.

I like Mastodon, but there is just as much bullshit fighting going on there as any other social media platform.

I'm just burnt out. The only thing I halfway visit is Ben Brown's HappyNetBox to update my Finger plan.

Anyway… you have my email. Ping me if you want a conversation in the meantime. I'll still blog here on occasion… and maybe even more frequently.

End of line.