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JSON Sucks; Quit Lying to Yourself

JSON Sucks; Quit Lying to Yourself

by agent x51 on

The TLDR Newsletter linked to a podcast transcript today about XML versus JSON. The podcast episode was an interview with Douglas Crockford, so you can imagine what side he fell on.

I'll just point to this article about why JSON sucks as a response.

I'm tired of the argument, and yes, I get that JSON "won" this battle, but that has little to do with which is the better technology for the job. XML is descriptive, JSON gets incredibly unwieldy as it gets larger, and developers thought so much of JSON that they created YAML as a way to shortcut JSON's structure. Of course, there is also the whole "hey, it's called JavaScript Object Notation; Let's shove it into non-JavaScript languages" thing to irk someone as well.

People will keep lying to themselves though.

End of line.