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Get On Board the AI Hype Train

Get On Board the AI Hype Train

by agent x51 on

Two articles that I came across a week ago (that I'm not going to link to)… one referenced going inside a Microsoft sprint to add ChatGPT to all Microsoft 365 products and another talked about how the Meta (Facebook) CTO said that he and Mark Zuckerberg were primarily working on artificial intelligence (AI) products. This, of course, is despite Meta supposedly having a large focus on virtual and augmented reality.

The AI hype train is obviously unsustainable and it's worth noting why this uptick is occuring. For one, start-ups and big technology companies alike have been swimming in free money since the 2008 housing market crisis. Interest rates were so low that money was freely being borrowed, but more importantly, investors were freely borrowing money to invest in areas offering greater returns than those lowly interest rates. Since technology companies were always considered on the cutting edge, they've had little to lose, including during the pandemic when people escaped to online life out of fear, much to the growth of Amazon.

Money isn't free anymore. Interest rates are rising and stockholders are doing the capitalist thing and demanding growth or cost cuts (including layoffs—even though research has shown that layoffs never save money and always hurt companies). As a result, these tech companies are scrambling to find enough hype to ride ought the current financial tech-lash and with the success of ChatGPT, AI has hit all the high notes.

Of course, AI isn't nearly ready—at least not as ready as the hype is making it out to be. This is leading to the world's best bullshit engine being integrated into software and services it has no business being in yet, and it's going to lead to a course correction in the mid-term future.

I don't want to say that AI is the new crypto, but certainly from a hype standpoint, LLM's and crypto are sharing each other's tea.

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