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This Blog is Still Alive

This Blog is Still Alive

by agent x51 on

I told you this blog was mostly for me. No, it's not dead. I thought about deleting it and just concentrating on my other (more public) blog, but when I read a few entries, I realized I do occasionally have things to say behind a handle. And if I don't care if it's regularly updated, there is no anxiety for not posting.

Off the topic above and on the topic at hand… When I first purchased a home—about a decade and a half ago—I sold a lot of my rare occult and esoteric books, including my entire Kenneth Grant collection. I'm happy to say that I've reacquired 5 of the 9 books I sold and a 6th is on its way.

Ever since I decided to get off the news and social media, I've rediscovered a lot of who I once was. It's cathartic.

End of line.