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I Returned to Mastodon

I Returned to Mastodon

by agent x51 on

I've been inactive from social media for quite some time—mostly because it's a shitshow (is that one word or two?). Elon Musk has made it even more of a shitshow. He's like a big, egotistical baby that's mad he actually had to follow through with buying Twitter and now he's trying to emulate all the worst qualities of Trump as punishment.

Anyway… in the past, I was on cybre.space, but completely deleted my account. You can find me on tilde.zone now for what little time I may spend there. I still intend to mostly… read. Social media too much tends to be a blackhole of passive scrolling preventing real work from getting done.

Speaking of real work: Yes, I haven't blogged in quite some time. It feels good… to not blog. Recently, in my professional life, I had a successful blog that even garnered awards. I shut it down after I felt it came to it's natural conclusion and have felt great ever since. Free from the reputation and expectations of that blog—and reinvigorated by the small web of the tildeverse—I plan to blog more here—maybe monthly—starting in the new year.

End of line.