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A Whole New Year

A Whole New Year

by agent x51 on

The meme that I'm seeing circulating the most is that 2022 is more like "2020 Two" with the raging of COVID and the spread of the Omicron variant. The rule for 2022 should be "fuck your politics." Get vaccinated. Get your booster. Wear a damn mask. It's winter in the U.S. Flu season is upon us, and between COVID and the flu, wearing a mask is less convenient than an upper respiratory infection. Plus it will keep your face warm.

Despite the spread, the winter of 2021/2022 is likely the last full wave/surge. It seems that each variant spreads faster, peaks sooner, and dies faster, leaving immunity in its wake. Omicron is faster than Delta, but decidedly weaker in regards to upper respiratory infection symptoms—at least according to initial research. This trend—combined with the general fatigue seen in the U.S. and other developed countries—will see the anxiety and media coverage dissipate. This is unfortunate since most developing nations are still struggling to get the vaccine and protect their people. The future is not evenly distributed.

This blog (although lacking recently and mostly entertainment before that—hello Halloween) was meant to put my face behind a handle instead of my real name. This was to be my outlet instead of Twitter or Facebook, and it was to be a place where my interests (entertainment, technology, philosophy, the occult) could all be discussed with reckless abandon that wasn't directly tied to my professional profile. 2021 didn't see a lot of that, but it was also a warm-up more than anything. 2022 will see much more.

End of line.