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Slasher... The Series

Slasher... The Series

by agent x51 on

There's a pretty good horror series on Shudder called Slasher. It started out on Chiller before moving to Netflix and eventually ended up on Shudder. It's an anthology series, so although some actors/actresses are shared across the life of the series, each season has a different story.

Slasher is exactly what it's name implies. Each season has a killer on the loose that runs through the cast members until the final battle. There's always a guessing game on who the killer is, and the writers do their best to keep the killer a secret until the big reveal, while also not coming out of left field.

Each of the seasons is well worth watching with the second season probably being my favorite.

This year, Shudder took the reigns and produced Slasher: Flesh and Blood, which is basically a "Most Dangerous Game"-esque tale of a dying, wealthy man forcing his family to compete to be the sole heir of his fortune. This was probably the weakest of the entry, but still worth watching, and the 8 episode arc goes quickly. Most of the characters are hopelessly flawed, causing you to cheer more for the killer. There are a few exceptions—and one strange side story—but mostly the series plays out how you would expect it to with one final… almost-twist that isn't really a twist, but probably justified.

Then of course, in the end, horrible people are just horrible people.

Beer, you say? For a few of these episodes I tackled an Aleworks Pumpkin Latte Ale. Not recommended. Way too much spice.

End of line.