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October 2021

October 2021

by agent x51 on

It's October 1st; You know what that means?

I've had my Shudder account active for about a month and I've been peppering my time with a few horror movies and shows. As much as I'm a tech-head, I love horror movies too. I think we all do. I think most in computer science, programming, hacking… etc. appreciate horror movies because—much like cyberpunk—they're genre.

Anyway, it's October 1st, 2021 and the few of you who have found your way here are interested in software and hacking content from me, so of course this blog will likely contain significant mini-reviews (and some not-so-mini reviews) of the various horror movies and television shows I'll be watching this month.

October is a time for pumpkin beer and horror movies. Maybe a few hacktoberfest posts too.

Talk soon.

End of line.