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Hello Mary Lou

Hello Mary Lou

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I keep forgetting to add data in the description of these markdown files. When they're converted to HTML, they end up without meta description information. Oh well…

While I await and finish season 2 and 3 of Creepshow, I'll be able to drop in on a few other horror favorites this month between viewings… or am I viewing Creepshow in between horror favorites? One of those.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, which has nothing to do with Jamie Lee Curtis or the original Prom Night is a cult classic that supersedes the original. Shudder has a Last Drive In version where Joe Bob Briggs provide some great details on this film that bombed at the box office and with initial reviews, but survived to become a favorite in the horror genre.

The film itself is a typical 80's teen horror movie—mostly a paranormal possession film set in a high school—but is such a tightly produced movie that it manages to borrow the best elements from the best horror films, while mixing in some unique elements, such as the demonic rocking horse and an exquisitely done nude, high school chase scene that ends with a memorable, crushing (literally) locker death. The pace of the film begins slow with standard introductory fair, but as the movie moves towards the third act, the pace accelerates, and the film truly shines.

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