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Ginger... Snaps at the Last Drive In

Ginger... Snaps at the Last Drive In

by agent x51 on

Reminder: If I already wrote notes on the craft beer, I won't repeat myself. Last night's beer? The rest of Roadsmary's Baby. Don't worry. Tonight's beer will be different.

On the second day of my 31 days of horror movies and craft beer, I revisited a favorite of mine: Ginger Snaps. This viewing was prompted by seeing it listed as an episode of The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs. I've seen the movie itself a half dozen times, but wanted to hear Joe Bob's commentary.

As far as reviewing the film, just rent it and watch it. In fact, order Shudder for some chump change in October. It would be about as cheap as renting it, and then you can follow along with most of the movies I'll be watching.

Ginger Snaps is a terrific werewolf tale merged with a coming of age story about two outcasts in a boring suburb. It has great acting, black comedy, quality effects, and targeted gore. It's worth it to stop reading my words and just watch the movie. If you've already seen it, you're probably nodding in agreement.

Joe Bob, meanwhile, gives some quality gems about the writing, diirecting, and shooting of the film. Apparently, the film had significant issues in pre-production and location scouting because of the perception of high school trauma and student deaths in the wake of Columbine—even though the film had little to do with either… and was a werewolf film. The film was ultimately saved from the junk heap of obscurity when it was picked up by HBO and put on regular rotation. The world is better because of it.

End of line.