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Geminispace on Hold. Maybe.

Geminispace on Hold. Maybe.

by agent x51 on

I'm writing this mostly because I need another blog post to check the margin between posts on the listing.

See. These are the things you can blog about on a more personal space.

For the three of you that have been here, I had/have a Gemini server running under hckr.fyi. I took it off the index of x51 because I've failed to put anything there. However, the trend seems to be for people to dump their blog posts into gemini. I might just try this. Since I'm using a static site generator, it shouldn't be too hard. Text is text. Then the three people who read this can be accompanied by the one person stuck in geminispace.

Of course, I could just can the gemini server and write my own gopher server from scratch.

End of line.