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Did I Need Another Blog?

Did I Need Another Blog?

by agent x51 on

The answer is yes. That's the TL;DR.

The long answer (promise it won't be too long) is that I needed to be able to write whatever I wanted unattached from my personal/professional persona. In the earlier years of the Internet, we used to have handles, and those handles weren't connected to our emails, phone numbers, or real names. I miss those days. Let's bring them back.

Why hide behind a handle? If you found me on the Internet, you'd mostly be enmeshed in my professional work with a touch of some (but not all) of my personal interests. But when I blog, I only blog about technology because my technology blog has grown pretty popular. I can't really post about comic books, science fiction, or the occult on a technology blog.

Here, I can. Sorry.

The other thing I can do is just post short thoughts. Like this one.

End of line.