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Horror for the holidays isn't so strange. I might be delayed in posting this, but at least I can take solace in the fact that Creepshow did come out of with a holiday special.

My October and Halloween was weird. I didn't get to do close to what I wanted to. No IoT Halloween decorations. Limited craft pumpkin beer. Horror movies? Sure. But exhaustion had me at the point where I was skipping nights or falling asleep. Not my best moments.

Then I got caught up in other things and kept forgetting to post here. I started this blog not out of an obligation, but in order to post things under a handle instead of my real name. I only feel obligation when I say I'm going to do something, but then fail to follow through.

So Creepshow then…

I grew up on EC Comics and Tales from the Crypt—not original EC Comics, but after the popularity of Tales from the Crypt, the comics began showing up at the local comic shop, and they were highly entertaining. This meant that my brain was already primed for a Creepshow reboot that followed a similar anthology horror premise and comic book style stories.

Three seasons in and without a doubt Creepshow has filled the gap left by Tales from the Crypt and other anthology "freaky" series' like The Twilight Zone. The horror carries shock, depth, and even humor in a twisted way that can be enjoyed by most audiences—even those that aren't horror fans.

Every year in late September, I re-subscribe to Shudder for my horror marathons, but Creepshow is truly the thing I look forward to.

End of line.